Savage Tide


Niveau 15

Stat: STR 24 CON 21 DEX 18 INT 7 WIS 7 CHA 19

Initiative +14 AC 30 FORT 30 REF 26 WILL 25

HP 130 – Bloodied 65 – Surge value 32

14 healing surges


Acrobatics +11

Arcana +5

Athletics +21

Bluff +11

Diplomacy +11

Dungeoneering +5

Endurance +17

Heal +5

History +5

Insight +5

Intimidate +16

Nature +7

Perception +5

Religion +5

Stealth +11

Streetwise +11 Thievery +11

Langages : Commun, Géant

Feats importants

Weapon Expertise

Goliath Greatweapon Prowess

Improved Initiative

Superior weapon proficiency


Paragon defense

Marking of the victor

Deadly Rage

Armor Specialisation (hide)


Howling Strike: HIT +21 DMG 1[W] + 2d6 + 14

Spécial: +1d6 sur une charge, Remplace le mélée basic attack sur une charge, Sur une charge, if raging, 2 extra square as part of the move, +2 au dégâts si raging

Recuperating Strike: HIT +21 DMG 1[W] + 1d6 + 14

Spécial: Sur un hit +5 Temporary HP If raging +10 Temporary HP +2 DMG if raging

Tonatiuh Sun Blessing: Minor: bright light in 5 square


Mountain Sweep: One or two creature, HIT + 21 DMG 2[W] + 19 + 2 if raging

Blood Sacrifice: STR VS FOR: Take 1D10 dmg: HIT +21 DMG 2[W] + 19 + dmg taken + 2 if raging

Avalanche strike: HIT +21 DMG 3[W] + 19 + 2 if raging

Special: Untill the start of your next turn, any attacker +4 att roll

Ancient clan strike: Take 3d6 dmg: HIT +22 DMG 4[W] +19 +2 if raging

Special: ne perd pas le power sur un miss

Stone endurance: Minor, personal: Gain 10 resist all until the end of your next turn

Swift charge: Free, personal: Trigger, your attck reduce an annemi to 0HP, Effect: you charge an ennemy

Summit Advantage (utility): until the end of your next turn, you have threatening reach


Thunder Hawk Rage: HIT +21 DMG 2[W] + 16 de thunder dmg +dazed (save end)

Spécial: miss 1/2 dmg, 2e attck 1x/turn as free action STR (+21) VS FOR HIT: Target prone

Bloodhunt Rage: HIT +21 DMG 3[W] + 16

Spécial: miss 1/2 dmg +5 dmg if me or target is bloodied

Black Dragon Rage: HIT: +21 DMG 2[W] + 16 acide dmg + 5 ungoing acide (save end)

Special: miss 1/2 dmg, start of each turn, each enemy adjacent is blinded until the of your next turn

Primal Viality (utility): Free: Your attack dmg an enemy, Effect: Spend Healing surge

Special: if attack reduce at 0 HP = Healing surge + 11 HP

Heart Strike (utility): Minor: Add + 4 dmg (cha modif) au AT WILL pour l’encounter

Indomitable Shift: Minor, Effect: shift 5 square + 1d10 temporary HP + 1/enemy at 2 square

Items spécial

Executioner Bracer: +2d6 sur un crit

Catstep boot: 1/2 dmg sur falling dmg + always land on feet

Horned Helm: +1d6 dmg sur une charge

Amulet protection: +2

Rope of climbing

Ever burning Torch

Item avec un use

Glove of piercing: Daily: Minor: ignore resist 10 or lower pour l’encounter

Citrine solitaire: Free: Encounter: After you get a critical hit, you can spend an healing surge

Mask of tears: Free: Daily: An enemy bloodied you, you or an ally can spend an healing surge

Ring of fireblazing: as std ignit unattend combustible objects, Daily: Close blast 3: HIT CON/CHA +4 VS REF, DMG 1d10 + CON/CHA +5 ungo Fire (miss 1/2) SI 1 milestone (10 ungo), miss (1/2 + 5 ungo)

Ring of the fallen: When use 2nd wind + 5 HP et +5 hp/healing surge sur le short rest Daily: Free: +1/2 Lvl en hp pour tous par healing surge pendant short rest SI 1 milestone lvl + 5 HP par Healing surge pour tous

Earthide Bloodvine Armor (+3): Daily: Trigger: enemy hit you, Effect: +1 AC (stack up to 3) until end of encounter

Bloodclaw Waraxe (+4): +4d6 sur crit, Spécial: Free: Encounter: can take 4 dmg and deal 12 extra dmg

Tonatuh Sun Blessing: If deal dmg to enemy vuln to radiant, +wis or +con extra dmg. Daily: Minor: an ally with 5 sqr can spend an healing surge + 1d6 +2 to save


Je tape fort et c’est tout ce qui compte. Plus a venir, un jour, peut-être.


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