Kharas Skullcrusher

Broad shouldered dwarf with a heavy set frame, speaks few words but means every syllable he utters with his booming voice


Kharas Skullcrusher

The dwarf known as Kharas Skullcrusher is tall among his kin, both extremely strong and broad shouldered with a heavyset frame. Kharas has steel blue eyes, long red hair and an equally long beard worn in twin braids clasped with engraved iron skulls, the symbol of the Skullcrusher Clan. Kharas, “Knight” in Dwarven, typically wears an elaborate steel grey scale mail armor with gold edges and engravings, a complete battle helmet and a heavy steel shield featuring the Skull emblem. Kharas, honed for battle since youth, fights with a heavy dwarven craghammer and a throwing hammer, both of which seem to be an extension of his powerful arms when he wields them.

Kharas’ personality is curt, yet polite, honest and truthful, considering lies and intrigues beneath him. As most dwarves, Kharas speaks few words but means every syllable he utters with his deep booming voice. Kharas never forgets his enemies, either individuals who have wronged him or entire races of monsters who have done ill to his kind. Even though he might be slow to accept newcomers, the wise and perceptive dwarf proves himself a stalwart companion to his friends once their hearts are known to him. Extremely loyal to his kin and king, he would willingly sacrifice his life to defend theirs without hesitation. Kharas is a deeply pious dwarf, looking to Moradin, guardian and protector of the world, for knowledge, guidance and protection. He is deeply respectful of the elders of all good races, placing great value on their wisdom and experience.

Kharas’ home, Khuzdun, a mighty stone fortress deep under the Thorborum Mountains, is built like his kin, hard as stone and immovable. His King, the Honorable Thorar Skullcrusher, had used the wealth of the mountains to create the most powerful dwarven clan in ages. There, Kharas was born and raised. As a child, he was trained by the best dreadnoughts and dwarven defenders for war, defending the clan against the savage tribes of orcs and goblins that plagued the mountains. So good were the Skullcrushers that even the giants found the dwarves not worth attacking. To the Skullcrushers, a hardened life of carving the stones they loved and slaying the enemies of their kind was a life well-lived and well worth the smile of their Father Moradin.

Kharas was born a remote descendant of Palin the Deathless, chief of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves and ancestor to the Dwarven people to which Kharas belongs, the Longbeards. Kharas of the Skullcrusher Clan is of the royal line but not close to the succession; a distant nephew of King Thorar. His status among his kin however, he owes not to his blood, but to his greatness and courage in battle. Although a master tactician, Kharas fights with unmatched ferocity; he gives no quarters and expects none in return. In battle, Kharas becomes the center of the defensive line, relying on his expertise in defensive maneuvers and resilience to defend his allies.

Kharas Skullcrusher

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